HDBUILDS preserves and transforms single family homes into modern residences in Washington, DC. Our buyers desire the conveniences of a modern home, elegant neighborhoods, welcoming communities and dining, recreational and cultural amenities that make DC unique.

HDBUILDS combines a scientific approach to identifying properties suitable for rehabilitation with professionalism and an unmatched attention to detail during construction. Given our single-minded focus on single family homes, we only work with architects, designers, realtors, and tradesmen with the same focus. Together we bring out the best in each home.

Historic and older homes are beautiful but require expertise to rehabilitate and to transform into living spaces optimized for contemporary living. At HDBUILDS, we start by removing everything but the exterior walls and uncovering the unknowns. We then build a new home that meets today’s standards from the inside out.


Hasan Dossal – Owner and Principal Developer

Hasan Dossal

As the principal developer and owner of HDBUILDS, Hasan provides the direction and vision for each HDBUILDS project. Hasan selects each project, assembles the right team and communicates the end goal.

Drawing upon years of experience running large businesses and projects, Hasan created and continues to refine the efficient repeatable renovation process that guides the HDBUILDS team and partners through each phase of construction. He is also responsible for overall health and growth of the business.

Carlos Queiros – Construction Management

Carlos Queiros

Carlos is a third-generation mason from Portugal, a country renowned for its stonework. He executes the initial phase to rehabilitate foundations and the external walls. In subsequent phases, he provides day-to-day guidance to the trades and ensures everyone and everything remain organized.

Carlos holds himself and those around him to the same exacting standards that he would apply to building his planned dream home in Portugal.